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Sepideh Alai - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Sepideh Alai

Yoga teacher, psychologist, actress,
Animal rights activist and proud Persian

I travel a lot to meet new people and explore the world.
My aim is to collect new light, creativity and energy with my exercises and to pass it on lovingly to my fellow human beings…!
Namaste 🙏🏽


Larissa Barros Arras - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Larissa Barros Aras

Preventologist, B.Sc. Biomedical Science, Fasting instructor, Energy Massage Therapist, Management of Food Safety Specialist

My work is my passion and life mission. My focus is to bring more awareness to people suffering from chronic degenerative symptoms of all kinds to help them live a holistic lifestyle and grow older without the need for external support such as medication, nappies, caregivers.
I help them to walk the path of a balanced life on a physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual level, supporting them to overcome challenges while building self-confidence so that they can move forward independently without self-doubt. Judging and with ease respecting the uniqueness of themselves.
My approach is a combination of science-based knowledge and my own personal experience.


Dr. med. Fania Aschenbrenner - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Dr. med. Fania Aschenbrenner

Anesthesiologist and coach

As a doctor and coach, I help sensitive female doctors and mothers in an intensive, holistic coaching program to gradually release their inner pressure and their eternal need to function, in order to bring more ease, serenity and fulfillment into their job and, above all, into their family life and in dealing with their children, who are also usually sensitive.

Lena Becker - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Lena Becker

Patient relatives

As a patient’s family member, I know about the fears and despair that can overtake you. The balancing act between supporting your loved one and not forgetting yourself. On the one hand, living in a state of powerlessness, but on the other hand, having to function. Only after many years have I found a good way for me to deal with the fear and grief and at the same time enjoy life.

Norman Blaustein - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Norman Blaustein

Norman Blaustein is an American living in Israel since 2000. He was a Vice President at Citibank, is a successful entrepreneur as well as a senior business consultant, helping companies improve their performance and net profit. He is also a philanthropist, a fundraising expert and serves on the boards of several NGOs, working closely with the founders and CEOs.


Martina Pereda Cabrales - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Martina Pereda Cabrales

Singer & Instagram Manager


Afsaneh Esmaeili - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Afsaneh Esmaeili

Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics

As a gynecologist, my focus is on women’s health at all stages of life.
It is very important to me that my patients feel comfortable and familiar with me in every area.
We offer a ready range of services in the field of gynecology and all around pregnancy and hormonal disorders.


Andrea Faulhaber - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Andrea Faulhaber

Certified personal&Business Coach (IHK), 

certified Trainer,

Psychological coaunselor according to hpg,

mediator bmev (Federal mediation association),

resilience coach, stress management trainer and burnout consultant,

nlp practinioner (dvnlp),

spiral dynamics,

currently in training as a neuromental trainer 

For more than 15 years I have been accompanying people in very different environments in their development. As an absolute heart person, I follow my calling and the voice of my heart. I am a trainer, coach and mediator and have experience in sectors such as logistics, airline industry, gastronomy, energy industry, care, hospitals, medical practices, educational institutions etc. For me there are hardly any topics that seem “foreign” to me, because in my world it’s always about people and humanity. I look at people from a holistic perspective, the unity of body, mind and soul and I know that these are the foundation for a healthy and fulfilling life. Since I myself am a highly sensitive scanner personality, I have often experienced that the path to oneself is not always straight. In the valleys we wish for companions, supporters, development workers – so that the heights become visible again and we come into contact with our growth potential again and again. For me, personality development in harmony with one’s own heart is one of the most beautiful ways.As a doctor and coach, I am there for the person who feels that he or she needs a change in his or her life – no matter whether this change is a disappearance of ailments, the transformation of a life situation or the achievement of a long-awaited wish.

Christiana Fischer - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Dr. med. Christiana Fischer


As a doctor and coach, I am there for the person who feels that he or she needs a change in his or her life – no matter whether this change is a disappearance of ailments, the transformation of a life situation or the achievement of a long-awaited wish.

My deepest conviction is that a holistic view as well as the view from the outside is the key to everything.

Within the framework of my coaching, I approach your situation individually. Together we will find what will bring you more health, ease and inner strength in your everyday life in the long term and thus exactly the change you have been looking for.

Tatjana Golinski - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Tatjana Golinski


Hello, I’m Tatjana and I love life in all its facets.

My vocation led me into medicine, and I love combining my conventional medical knowledge with yoga and pranayama. I found my home in myself through yoga and I find it exciting to explore all techniques on myself. There can also be sounds, singing or wild dancing.

And it’s just incredible what the body has in terms of self-healing powers. Sharing this and making it tangible is very fulfilling for me.

You are good enough!

I am currently offering yoga and pranayama private lessons, so please get in touch if it calls you.

Arlen Manuela König - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Arlen Manuela König

Qualified physiotherapist & holistic coach
(Holistic Life Coach),
expert in Bioneuroemocion

I combine physiotherapy with psychosomatics and kinesiology with a systemic approach.
This is an absolute game changer for me in my work as a physiotherapist and coach. At the moment, I am dedicated to carnio-mandibular dysfunction and bruxism and their holistic therapy. My motto is: “When the soul laughs, the teeth rejoice”.
I guide CMD patients to become masterful in dealing with their CMD, to bring their jaw, mind and soul back into balance and to shine from the inside out. My vision is to work hand in hand with specialists in dentistry and to treat CMD and bruxism TOGETHER in a holistic way.

Susanne Loeffner - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Dr. Susanne Löffner

Anaesthetist, intensive care and emergency physician, life coach

My vision are much more truly healed or – even better – healthy people.
I support people to reduce their stress, learn to manage their fears and detach from constant expectations to create the best foundation for health. I help patients with chronic illnesses and pain to look for the triggers and to achieve real improvement by dealing with the illness differently.
In addition, I support female doctors to be healthy, content and resilient themselves with joy in practising their profession to help that our HEALTH system finally lives up to its name again.

Shirin Mansouri - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Dr. med. Shirin Mansouri

Specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Body-Mind-Heart-Soul Medicine,
Expert for well-being and beauty,
Coach for doctors and executives in health care,

Initiator of “Together for Health”
Health and well-being can only be achieved if we see ourselves fully as human beings and live and work in a healthy and loving environment. This includes perceiving the beautiful things in life with our senses and giving them space. This is healthy and healing.

Stephania Mbianda - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Dr. Stephania Mbianda

Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics


Osmiel Cespedes - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Docto Osmiel

Art & Photography

I love the art of creating and the magic of colors

Kathy Poodiack - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Kathy Poodiack

Kathy Poodiack has been a board-certified hematology/oncology Physician Assistant for the past 40 years as well as a certified massage therapist and TAT Professional. Kathy has a special interest in the mind/body connection, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. She is the author of Being Your Best Self, A Young Adult’s Guide to Conscious Living and is currently working on her second book.


Nicola Rudert - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Dr. med. Nicola-Patricia Rudert


For me, body, mind and soul form an inseparable system when it comes to health and quality of life. If we understand these connections, we can influence our own health and also illness. I accompany people on their individual health path: to identify resources and strengths, to get to know and understand one’s own body better again, to perceive the thoughts, to reactivate the inner doctor and to increase the quality of life.

Melanie Schaefer - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Dr. med. Melanie Schäfer

Specialist for anesthesia and general medicine, doctor for TCM Coach for female doctors – vision, work life balance and feminine leadership in medicine

I’m Melanie – and I’m involved with Together for Health because I love medicine, with all its opportunities and challenges. In particular, integrative medicine, which combines classic, scientifically oriented medicine with old empirical knowledge from Eastern medical systems and European naturopathy. My medical path began as an anesthetist and I have therefore long been used to providing medical support to people in difficult situations. My joy in personal development, creative solutions and complementary medicine let me get to know different paths (including 3 years of TCM and 2nd specialist in general medicine). Parallel to my medical work, I have continuously completed further training and further education, especially in the field of coaching. For years, as a single doctor, I dealt with the question: how can a fulfilling life as a feminine woman, loving mother and passionate doctor succeed without constantly reaching the personal stress limit, especially in the current health system? Today, in my work as an integral life coach, I support medical colleagues in building a positive work-life balance, in reconciling child and career, in walking the path of one’s own vision mindfully and fulfilled, instead of simply continuing to function. Actively lived female empowerment is important to me, which is why I also volunteer at the Minfulmedicalwomen e.V. In the patriarchally organized and economized health system, there is a lack of female power! Supporting and strengthening female doctors on their individual path is a matter close to my heart. If you would like more information about my 1:1 coaching offers, online courses or live seminars, please write to me and follow me on social media.

Vera Seybold-Epting - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Dr. med. dent. Vera Seybold-Epting

Dentist, nurse, author, vital therapist and coach

I create personal dental analyses in which we look together at hidden mental issues from the present and the past and uncover them through the language of the teeth.
In my work I combine classical dentistry, environmental dentistry, applied kinesiology and psychosomatics.
I have a special interest in energy medicine, the connection between mind and body, aura surgery, healing through frequencies and prevention.
I am the author of the book “Mandalas for Your Peace of Mind – Inspiration for Your Path”. This book is about approaching and nourishing your chakras through colours.

Anne Sommerfeld - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Anne Sommerfeld


Know yourself and find access to your holistic health and vitality. The door opener to your true self is Human Design. Here we can easily recognise how you are really meant by the universe, where your personal strengths and challenges lie. For your transformation I use my heart that sees you, meditations, body journeys to dissolve beliefs and EFT to dissolve fears and energy blockages.
In addition, I provide you with all my knowledge about health and vitality, the role of your healthy gut in your happiness, as well as mindfulness and gratitude exercises. Learning to live with chronic pain and reducing it is my heart’s desire.

Claudia von Stülnagel - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Claudia von Stülpnagel

Mindfulness- and Body-Coach

Surgical Nurse

I have been working as a surgical nurse since 1994 and have also worked in psychiatry for a few years.

When my husband fell ill with an allergy in February 2000, he discovered my ability for energetic healing. Rekindled my interest in alternative medicine.

  • 2010 – 2012: Reiki in the Usui system up to teacher level
  • 2010: Sound massage based on Peter Hess
  • 2014: Healer training “spiritual medicine advanced” according to O. Jenner
  • 2019 – 2020: Studies to become a psychological counselor/coach

There are different ways to lead a positive and happy life. The prerequisite is to find harmony between body, mind and soul. Love and connection strengthen our immune system, is the best anti-stress agent and has a positive effect on our health. I would be happy to help you to find your individual way, to dissolve disharmony, and thus to be able to lead a life in mindfulness, harmony, serenity and health. In order to strengthen your soul, it is important to find the cause of your existing concern. To activate your abilities and strength reserves from your hidden ones, to gain health, harmony and joie de vivre, and to integrate them into everyday life.

Dr. med. Henner Sturzenhecker - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Dr. med. Henner Sturzenhecker

anesthesiologist, Emergency, intensive care and pain medicine specialist, Coach

As a pain doctor, I know that body and soul are inextricably linked and that the interaction of body, soul and environment as well as what we have experienced in our lives so far has a significant impact on our health and well-being.

As a coach, I help doctors to remain in our healthcare system with resilience and satisfaction and to improve the system from within.

Enas Tahir - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Enas Tahir

MBBS holder, poet and artist

Interested in spirituality and consciousness, and a strong believer in energy medicine as I’ve had the privilege of experiencing it years ago. For a long time, spirituality has been separated from medicine during practice, giving patients an incomplete experience of the healing process when the body isn’t separated from the mind and emotions. I will inform patients about all the options they have for their healing journey, and spirituality and mind-body medicine have a lot of answers! Currently, I’m using my art and poetry to help others on their healing journey as I truly believe they all share the spiritual element in their nature.


Claudia Tank - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Claudia Tank

 Ayurveda and Yoga

As a certified Ayurvedic therapist and yoga teacher, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of the multi-faceted possibilities and methods of Ayurveda and yoga with people. If you:

– want to make your first experiences with yoga or deepen what you have already learned

– want to learn more about Ayurveda and integrate it into your daily life

– want support e.g. to maintain your health or during your recovery after an illness

I will be happy to accompany you!

Birgit Viertlböck - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Dr. med. vet. habil Birgit Viertlböck

Alternative practitioner, coach and trainer, expert for intuition,
Main focus: Doletion therapy, nutritional medicine and therapeutic fasting courses
Locally in Munich, online all over the world

I have a doctorate and habilitation in veterinary medicine, worked for 17 years at the veterinary faculty in Munich in research and teaching (physiology and immunology), have been an alternative practitioner since 2019 and now work in human medicine in my practice in Munich and also online with all my methods.
I free people from their fears, blockages and traumas to find access to themselves and their intuition again. This enables my patients to erase the past on a physical and spiritual level and to start anew in the here and now. My main focus is on the patented doletion therapy (mind reset) and nutritional medicine with a focus on therapeutic fasting (body reset). In addition, I like to use cannabinoids as phytotherapeutics and have developed great expertise in this. I also train the Mind and Body module in the “Academy for Holistic Health –”.

Sophie Zötler - Team Gemeinsam für Gesundheit

Dr. med. univ. Sophie Zötler


My name is Sophie, I lead a content and happy life as a paediatrician in the existing healthcare system, have a profitable business “Dr. Sophie Zötler – Starkes Coaching. Starke Ärztinnen.” to further my dream of changing the way medicine is lived. And enjoy the deep confidence that stressful professional times no longer knock me down, but that I have tools to deal with them. Over the last few years, I have accompanied numerous female doctors in loving their vocation again and finally living it. And I am now looking forward to accompanying YOU. It doesn’t matter if you want to continue working in the system or outside of it as a doctor. If you would like to receive more information about my offers, please write to me and follow me on social media.