Your Health & Wellbeing

is our priority!

We are an interdisciplinary team of experts (among others, doctors of holistic medicine,…), who have joined forces worldwide to lovingly bring the change (individual, holistic, human) we wish to see in the healthcare system for those affected.

Patients and doctors receive the highest benefits thanks to the know-how of the different experts.


Our Mission

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The mission of WHALERIDER is to make the healthcare system more individualized and life-affirming.
Patients and people interested in health and working in the health care system get the necessary/supportive information about their body and the possibility to learn more about self-care both preventive and supportive to conventional medicine. They apply this experience themselves and thus actively contribute to their health.

Our Vision

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Together for Health is the name associated with health, well-being and mindfulness worldwide.

For Patients and family members

Often, as a patient, you feel overwhelmed and unsettled. Not only that you have to deal with a diagnosis. You have the feeling you are at the mercy of the health care system and have no influence on the disease and its course. And of course you are worried and thousands of fears come up, and on top of that the things that have to be organized. The whole life seems to be turned upside down. Yet you want nothing but to be healthy and happy. We support you in your individual needs: Starting with strengthening your mindset through the most effective techniques.

Your chaos of appointments will be prioritized and clearly mapped for you.
You will receive a guide on how to find the optimal solutions for you in the different areas of your life, diagnosis conditioned.
You and your relatives receive emotional support and also learn how to deal with fears and worries that arise.
In Edutainment Videos* (*explanatory, instructional and entertaining videos) you will be offered supportive treatment options by medical staff and experts. These drive your healing process holistically.

THE TEAM — We are here for you!

Improve the patient relationship and have more time

Too little time for your patients and the increasing bureaucratic and economic requirements complicate your daily clinic and practice routine.
Many diagnoses are based on a lifestyle that is not healthy.
Instead of you helping patients, you experience complications or progression of the disease. Not always, of course.
Basically, you just want to pursue your vocation with your heart. But how can you do that?
We offer practices and clinics edutainment videos (*explanatory, instructional and entertaining videos):
During the waiting time in the practice or inpatient stay, your patients will receive basic tips and exercises.

Patients are encouraged in the videos to put the information directly into practice.
As patients become more aware of their bodies, they change their lifestyle and compliance.
Patients are engaged. They focus on their health and learn to effectively and actively take responsibility for their bodies.
The medical staff is relieved.
The treatment process becomes friendlier, more caring and more varied. Patients and relatives enjoy coming to your clinic and recommend you to others.

Let's create a Progress together!

We will create an individual offer for you and your clinic and employees

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