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Current Projects

Niger - Water Supply

Niger is one of the driest countries in Africa and even if wells are available, they are not functional for various reasons. Hygiene and running water are the immediate basic requirements to ensure health. In the village of Gondel Gorou, there are five water wells, 4 of which are non-functional. With an expert on site, the causes were determined in order to now ensure sustainable and long-term water supply and maintenance.

Nguessan Dje Leopold - Gemeinsam für Gesundheit
Nguessan Dje Leopold
Projectmanager, Master of science in Process, Energy and Enviromentals System Enginieering

Current Projects

Edutainment Videos - for Anglophone and Francophone Africa

Education and prevention are the basic prerequisites for achieving health and prosperity. At the same time, building self-esteem in developing countries is also not to be underestimated. Together with African doctors living in Africa and abroad, who support their compatriots with short edutainment videos on diseases common in their country. The videos are played in local hospitals outside in the waiting area on a television screen.


Dr. Tabe Ebangha Enochong

Dr. Rer. Nat. Julius Tacho Babila


Dr. Shirin Mansouri

Current Projects

Paraguay - Reforestation

The aim of the Nature Invest team with founder Benedikt Michale is to reforest and cultivate fallow land in a natural way. The biodiverse reforestation with native tree species, lemon and peach trees, timber and precious woods, medicinal herbs (rosemary, oregano and burrito) and useful hemp, among others, makes sensible forestry and agriculture possible. At the same time, large areas of rainforest are permanently protected (oases for endangered animal and plant species). With its projects Nature Invest assumes ecological and social responsibility. Local jobs are created, which provide social balance.

Benedikt Michale - Gemeinsam für Gesundheit
Benedikt Michale

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For our projects "Niger Water Supply" and "Edutainment Videos - for Anglophone and Francophone Africa" you can donate at our cooperation partner Camfomedics e.V. with the respective subject (Niger Water Supply, Edutainment Videos) here:

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