Larissa Aras: Different aspects of chronic pain



Larissa Aras on the topic: Different aspects of chronic pain – interview at the Online Pain Congress April 2022

Larissa Aras is a B.Sc., Biomedical Scientist and Preventologist. Her 10 years of clinical experience working with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Clinical Research showed that many patients suffered from chronic pain that could not be diagnosed by laboratory tests or imaging. She also currently works as a fasting leader and energy massage therapist and through her 90-day Health and Wellness mentoring she has helped many people suffering from different chronic pain symptoms.

In this session you will learn:

– What are the different aspects of chronic pain?
– What causes chronic pain?
– The relationship between migraine and colon inflammation or headache and tissue compression in the shoulder and neck.
– How can posture and breathing affect your pain?
– Simple actions you can take to relieve or even eliminate chronic pain.

This interview was recorded in English because we want to spread our message around the world.

Instagram: @beyondthetrivial

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